About Me

I am Glen, I began as a reporter for CNN after 5 years working there I felt that my life had no meaning and wanted to make a complete change and give it meaning

A 2005 visit to Thailand exhibited me that was possible.

There, in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, I achieved five backpackers who exhibited me which i didn’t need to be tied right down to my job which I didn’t have to be rich to visit. Here were five people who had been living my imagine traveling full-time. I needed in. I needed to do what these were doing. From then on trip, I flew home, completed my MBA, give up my cubicle job, and, in 2006 July, arranged out by using an experience round the world that carries on even today.

Since that time, I’ve journeyed to over 80 countries and territories, flown thousands of a long way, slept in every types of places, tried unusual food (including deep-fried maggots), made prolonged friends, discovered multiple dialects, and learned you do not have to be rich to visit.

It’s my quest now to help tourist like YOU to understand YOUR travel dreams the same manner those five backpackers helped me realize mine.

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